Cut A Rug

“Cut a Rug” is the next swing-hop endeavor with Gatsby seeking out the production expertise of doo-doo funk creator Tony Ozier, whom then called upon the wicked licks of guitar mastermind Agyei Marshall to put some rockabilly swag on it.  The end result these three have come up with is a super-swingin’ foot tapper that simply makes people want to dance!Cut a Rug - Square 4

“Cut A Rug” promo poster done by Robert Hart.  It features Miss Shybaby in a photo taken by James Grill, with the car provided by Gordy Howell of the Roadmen Car Club California.

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Chehalis/Centralia pin-up model Miss Shybaby will be starring alongside Gatsby in the music video being shot in her stomping grounds ensconced with vintage store fronts, rat-rods, classic cars, greasers, pin-ups, and people who loooooove vintage.

We’re still on the look out for the right videographer to capture what we have in mind for the music video.  Here’s what we’re thinking:

Cut A Rug Storyboards from Devin Stinson on Vimeo.

In the meantime, the PIC VIDEO for “Cut a Rug” will tide over those looking for visual stimulation 🙂

*All models involved have Facebook links directing the viewer to their pages in the YouTube description box, and all photographers are credited under the appropriate model’s name.

Keep checking back here, the Devin James Facebook page, and the YouTube channel for continuous content & updates on all things Gatsby.

Stay thirsty, my friends 🙂




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