Pin Up: The Movie!

A little history on what we’ve been doing with Pin Up: The Movie

Devin “Gatsby” James and JCA Beats Productions created the song “Calendar Girls” for the documentary directed by Kathleen Ryan.  Gatsby and the JCA Boys did what they do best, which is spin swing into hip-hop to create exactly what Kathleen needed for a section of the film.  At first, it was only going to be a song snippet for the specific scene, but all three agreed that a full song needed to be made.  Ryan cut together a music video for the song as a promo piece for the film’s Kickstarter campaign held at the end of 2015…

As we rolled into 2016, Ryan offered to shoot a live action music video with models from the iDocumentary that is currently in the works.  Ruby Rydell and Kitty Mansfield joined Devin on the first day of shooting for “Pin-Up 6: Girls Like That” at Linfield College.  Ryan had the help of fellow colleague Michael Huntsberger to tame the shenanigans that ensued…

There, the Seed&Spark campaign began which turned Gatsby and the girls into a GIPHY 🙂  With over $20k in loans, cash, and kind services, along with 500 followers, Ryan now has the opportunity to apply for distribution to get the modern day pin-up’s story out to the world!


It seemed that the shenanigans on day 1 weren’t enough, because the need for more became a growing force…

Thusly, Devin went to Colorado and hung out with Kathleen, and the Rocky Mountain pin-ups.  Models such as Delicious Ruckus, Dapper Dan Doll, and Meghi Misfit can be seen in the car show shenanigans that ensued on a very hot day…

The music video will be coming out soon for Pin Up 6, as well as the iTunes buy link for your purchasing pleasure.  Gatsby and Ryan seem to work well as a team, so you’ll be seeing the pair team up for more things pin-up in the near future.



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