The Case

Artist - Milena Matic

The Case is a project that I’ve been working on for about 4 years.  It stars “D” as the main detective character, trying to crack a somewhat cold case about losing his daughter, Hope.

His partner, Eddy, tells D to let it his efforts of cracking Hope’s case go, and that he should just move on.  However, when a new lead is dropped on D’s desk by the Captain, a new surge of energy puts D right back on The Case.

I want to thank Milena Matic for contributing artwork to the project like the picture you see above.  The cast and credits for The Case are as follows:

D – Devin James

Eddy – Keith Binder

Hope – April Walterscheid

Kidnapper – Sean McBride

I also want to thank Song River AKA Allyson Jaynes for being the co-writer on this project.  She’s also a fantastic PR, AR, and band photographer who is the owner/creator of Cow Girl Zen Entertainment.  Keith Binder contributed excellent piano playing which really added a great new dynamic to the audio drama.

The Case:  Storyboards can be seen over at my Vimeo channel —

The Case: Storyboards from Devin Stinson on Vimeo.


Below are two videos in the Storyboard Sessions series that shows you what the concept/storyboard art process looks like…

As The Case develops, I’ll be sure to add plenty of content to keep you all updated.  #LifeOnTheCase #ChasinDreamsLikeChasinLeads

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