13263789_1780143835548473_3651349322686789616_nDevin James is a genre bender. His goal is to take every genre of music, and bend it into the shape of hip-hop. Having already bent swing, rockabilly, country/western, dance, and gospel music, Devin James will continue on this musical journey until every genre as been bent.

Devin is certified by the Los Angeles Recording School as a Recording Engineer, and has been so since ’09. While going to the Los Angeles Recording School, Devin participated in the school’s externship program and became a Runner/Assistant Engineer at Brandon’s Way studios under Scott Guiterrez. He then assisted with doing production film sound through Scott on the set of What Do I Do Now? produced by Colored Films.

His Los Angeles stay spanned from ’08-’11, where he composed music and mixed sound for a grass-roots production company for the last part of it.

Since returning back to Portland in ’11, Devin has recorded a 10 song album called “The Gatsby Compilation” through Green Luck Media Group. The album can purchased on iTunes and on Bandcamp. Devin has worked with producers such as Nick Bonnicci of Bonnicci Beats, and Sam Waldo AKA The Samarei since being back in Portland, and has collaborated with other local artists as well. He re-began his hip-hop journey in ’12 with instrumentals from Nathan Dale Sherman, who was his classmate at the Los Angeles Recording School.

Devin has also rapped verses for a Tibetan Immolation Uprising song feat. Gabrielle Widman & Eugene Wyatt for Fraternal House productions back in ’13 which can be purchased on iTunes. He is also dabbling in play writing with his upcoming collaboration on Imago Theatre’s rendition of Beauty and the Beast called “La Belle” coming out May 2015. He is currently co-writing with Jerry Mouawad and Carol Triffle on the verse sections of the quasi spoken word/trip-hop dramatization of the French original titled “La Bele et La Bete.”

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